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Kenneth “KG” Gorham is a Legendary Washingtonian and Influencer in Maryland and Virginia - with his remarkable business insight in his vast profession ranging from Music, Sports, and Entertainment with his company, “We Crank Entertainment”. The DCC Founder work ethics, supervision and noteworthy business endeavors has made him a staple in the DMV community – working with Hitter Quitter Records’ South East Slim, A-list Celebrities such as Freeway Rick Ross and former artist Crank Lucas and Wale throughout his career. KG is a 1994’ HD Woodson Alumni and former Partner of the D.C. Soul Team always shown his astonishing leadership and passion for basketball, before and since 2019 KG has gained multiple collaborations throughout the Pandemic including sponsors, partners, and supporters in the basketball community. KG is the perfect reflection of a grand-citizen and son of Mrs. Marjorie B. Gorham-Jones and the late Mr. Gorham, proudly willing to expand his business and extend his hand with willing corporations and entrepreneurs to increase awareness to quality able-bodies and athletes to support the youth and the vast communities.

We Crank Entertainment is an entertainment company in Washington D.C. and has been established in 2006 - everything else is recorded. Since 2003 KG has been the “One Man. Many Hats” and is an asset in Hitter Quitter Records, which is owned by Southeast Slim, and KG's brother Calvin Gorham (Artist C- Da Rapper) is the co-owner. As an entrepreneur, KG has shown support to people's aspirations and personal growth, which in fact enlightened him to begin his industry in the DMV. In 2006 KG established his business in music and entertainment expanding artists, businesses, music publishing, and brand expansion. We Crank has operated with renowned artists such as the legendary Ricky Ross, Crank Lucas, Wale, EMP Live, and more.

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South East Slim Co & CEO of Hitter Quitt
C Da Rapper - Ceo& Co of Hitter Quitter


 "Playin What You Wanna Hear, Not What You Wanna Hear"! 

For the past 10 ye

A native of Miami, Florida, DJ Kash Monee became fascinated with the art and technique of scratching records, at the young age of 15. By trial and error, he began perfecting the technique of scratching. After, studying the technique of becoming a DJ, he finally wanted to pursue his hobby on more professional bases. Realizing it would take more money and better equipment. He became very inventive and learned how to build additional equipment, and begin spinning for his neighborhood. Eventually, he became close with a deejay named "D.C. FATS", who realized, DJ Kash Monee was someone with special, natural, born talent. D.C. Fats, seeing Kash needed to develop more, took Kash under his wing and they begin traveling together, creating music for the streets.


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